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Caring for the Community

We are not the Bill Gates Foundation. But, we all come from the community and we are a part of that community. While we would all like to think of ourselves as self-made persons, the truth is that each of us is the product of many helping hands: grade school teachers who took a special interest in us, coaches, loving parents, military buddies, church, neighbors and friends. They, just as us, form the community. Many of us were born and raised in circumstances preferable to those of others. We are thankful that chance and opportunity looked favorably upon us. Each of us should try to return our thanks and gratitude to others in our community to the extent that we can afford to do so.

Not being the Bill Gates Foundation, Linville Law Firm PLLC can nonetheless do its small part to acknowledge our indebtedness to our community. This year we are financially contributing to the following two charities. Each year we pick two different charities.

The Master Builders Care Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of the people where the Master Builders Association members live, work, and build. The Foundation uses the Master Builders resources and the resources available within the homebuilding industry to benefit the homeless and low income individuals in the region. The Care Foundation builds transitional housing for homeless and domestic abuse victims as well as building wheel chair ramps for low-income disabled homeowners.

Child Evangelism Fellowship was established in 1937 and is an interdenominational organization whose mission is to teach Christian doctrine to children and help those children and their families become established in local churches. Based in Warrenton, Missouri, Child Evangelism Fellowship supports 1800 missionaries in 165 countries and is the largest Christian mission in the world directed specifically to children.