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We are located in Seattle's central business corridor (CBC). We love our location and we love our building. The building is easily accessible to all of the major bus routes that roll along 2nd and 4th avenues and connect easily with the Eastside. We are a short walk from the ferry terminals that connect Seattle and Bremerton or the City of Bainbridge. We are within a five iron shot of the county and federal courthouses, the King County Recording Office, the building departments, and all of the other city and county agencies. We are also close to all the cool shops and restaurants, and all of the pizzazz and bustle that downtown Seattle has to offer.

In our garage, the spaces are wide and the interior ramps are spacious and easy to navigate (but remember, the clearance is 6'2"). It is a very user-friendly building.

The photo at the right was taken on July 7, 2007 at 11:35 am. The morning cloud cover had just burned off, and was radiating its energy and light. From 93,000,000 miles away, the sun electrified the exact location of our office at the southwest corner of the 38th floor (our building has 41 floors). Larry took the photo with our firm's digital camera (which he can now adequately operate after three years of intense instruction). Larry honestly believes that our firm, and the synergies that are produced therein, are divinely predestined by our Universe and that this photo is the ultimate proof. The rest of us are amused, but not totally convinced. We all agree, however, that it is a striking photograph.

Main Hallway

David's Office

Larry's Office

Pleasantville (1998) was a movie about the drabness of a community of people and their lives. Their lives were drab and stagnant because of their fixation on maintaining rules, order and status quo. Their minds were narrow. There was no color. So, the first half of the movie was in black and white. As certain characters began thinking adventurously and "outside of the box," they turned into vivid colors. They were ridiculed and ostracized by those without color. People were threatened. Shops were vandalized. Yet, more and more people discovered enlightenment (i.e. release from a narrow mind) and color. What a wild and crazy movie. Reese Witherspoon, Toby Maquire, Joan Allen and William Macy were just great.

Interior Wall

Here in the office we have mixed things up with different colors and artwork. Christian and Larry are always dueling with paint brushes and artwork. We spend the better part of the day here on the 38th floor, so we enjoy the effects of working in a colorful environment.

Reception Desk