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Helpful Resource Links

Oftentimes, businesses and individuals are in the situation where they do not know whether the services of a lawyer are necessary. The natural tendency is to do nothing - stay “frozen in the headlights” or “gripped with indecision”. Usually, the problem only gets worse.

By taking a little bit of time to do some research, you may find the answers to problems which seemed threatening or insurmountable to start with, but are resolvable in the end without seeking the assistance of a lawyer. Information is everything. So much of our lives are caught up in worry and unnecessary stress when we don't know the answers or solutions to problems which can significantly impact our business or personal lives.

That is why this Resource Page has been created. Our fears are almost invariably greater than the reality of the situation. It's a protective mechanism that we all have. Worry and stress over perceived problems can be rationally and successfully addressed if we only have the right information to deal with. We are all hypochondriacs to some degree when it comes to perceiving problems facing our business or personal lives. After you've done a little bit of research into your situation, you may still feel that you may need the assistance of a lawyer. Your lawyer (that includes us at Linville Law Firm PLLC) will be a little bit better prepared to more efficiently address your situation if you've already done some of your homework, and perhaps some of your issues or concerns have been narrowed or better defined through your research efforts.