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We organize and present seminars for contractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, surveyors, consultants, business owners and real estate agents. We write our own course books for each seminar we present. We've been doing this since 1982, so we have a pretty good idea of what people expect to come away with having given up both time and money to attend one of our seminars.

Our seminars are accredited.
Our seminars and course books have all been reviewed by the appropriate licensing and certification authorities. Our Business Law for Architects, Engineers, Surveyors & Consultants has been approved for 7 Learning Units (LU) by the American Institute of Architects/Continuing Educational Services. Persons attending our seminars through the Building Industry Association of Washington or the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties are eligible for 4 real estate clock hour credits, 3 insurance continuing education hour credits and if taken in conjunction with the contracts or subcontract law seminar, also receive CGA, CGB, CGR, Master CGP, GMB, GMR, CAPS, CSP, and Master CSP credits for attendees seeking to obtain a designation. Also, persons attending any one of the BIAW seminars presented by us who have already received their CGA, CGB, CGR, Master CGP, GMB, GMR, CAPS, CSP, and Master CSP designation fulfill their requirement to take one NAHB course every three years in order to retain their designation. Our Construction Contracts and Liens seminar has been approved for 7.0 Real Estate clock hours by the Washington State Department of Licensing and it has also been approved for 6.5 hours of continuing legal education credit by the Washington State Bar Association. Our Law Seminar for Suppliers has been approved for 6.5 CLE credits by the Washington State Bar Association as well as approved by the Washington State Department of Licensing for 6.0 Real Estate clock hours credit. Similarly, our Surviving as a Subcontractor seminar has been approved by the Washington State Bar Association for 3.25 CLE credits. Contractors and engineers may qualify for continuing education credit with the American Institute of Constructors.

Our attorneys are certified instructors.
Our speakers have all received certification by the Director of the Washington Department of Licensing pursuant to RCW 18.85.040, and the National Association of Homebuilders. Pursuant to Washington Law (RCW 18.85.040), the Director of the Washington State Department of Licensing is charged with the responsibility of instituting a program of real estate education together with the development and implementation of curricular courses and educational materials. The Director may approve qualified instructors for certain educational program (s). Pursuant to the Washington Administrative Code, WAC 308-124H-510, 530 & 540, the Director has promulgated a series of regulations for qualifying, approving and eventually certifying instructors for the purposes of teaching the seminars and educational workshops on real estate. Pursuant to WAC 308-124H-503, each of our lawyers have completed all of the requirements of the Washington State Department of Licensing and have been approved and certified as seminar and workshop instructors by the Washington State Department of Licensing.

How do you sign up?
Most of our seminars are presented through trade associations. The trade association notifies their membership of the upcoming seminar, we show up, and present the seminar - usually at the association's offices. We do this statewide. We present seminars for:

So, we work with a lot of trade associations to come up with a good seminar for their membership. Most of the seminars deal with liens, contracts, subcontracting, public works projects and dealing with difficult customers. Furthermore, we prepare and present tailored seminars for companies who would like us to make a presentation on a particular topic or conduct a workshop on the company's premises. We also present seminars right here in our conference room.

Go to our Schedules and Registration page and you will find the names and contact persons at the trade association for whom we are presenting the upcoming seminars. Pick a seminar (or two) and sign up. Today! Knowledge equates to getting paid for your work.

The seminars are informal and very conducive to discussion and learning. We give 100% of our best efforts to make these seminars enjoyable and successful for each person who has signed up, paid money and committed his or her valuable time to our care and trust. The seminars are done in manageably sized groups of less than fifteen persons. You will not be disappointed. Au contraire. You will be very happy that you came. Guaranteed! Throughout 2016, Linville Law Firm PPLC will participate in seminars which are described on the following pages of this website. Take a look through the following descriptions of upcoming seminars and see if one or more of these seminars will be useful to you and your business. We hope to see you there!

Click here to view a complete list of scheduled seminars for 2016.