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Linville Law Firm PLLC

Linville Law Firm PLLC is located in downtown Seattle providing legal services primarily to contractors, owners, developers, suppliers, sureties, professional service providers, small business owners, architects and engineers. Our expertise centers around commercial and residential construction projects, recording of liens, foreclosures, construction defect claims, real estate matters, formation of businesses, preparation of contracts, contract disputes, debt collection, employment matters, tax audits and assessments.

Additionally, we offer a well-established education program of sixty or so seminars and workshops throughout the year to a host of trade associations and construction industry professionals.

Upcoming Events

Construction Contracts & Lien Law
Feb. 28, '14   Seattle, WA

Construction Contracts & Lien Law (BIAW)
Mar. 26, '14   Olympia, WA

Labor & Industries seminars
Mar. 28, '14   Bellingham Technical College, WA

Contractor Strikes Back (BIAW)
Apr. 8, '14   Whatcom County, WA

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